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Still thinking about a return/restart

There are things I want to write about, Hell I just want to write, but life does get in the way doesn’t it? So – given that walking is my new(ish) thing that seems like a place to start. Since

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Warning! Return imminent!

It has been a while but – reasons OK – I’m thinking it is time again. It does mean getting familiar with the tool again and, as I am finding out now, avoiding the iPad until I work out why

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Ripping DVDs for home use

It is a bit of a faff now – my new media room (or den as I prefer to call it) is minimal – almost Zen really. Compact audio system, kick ass speakers, Apple TV doing double duty as music

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WordPress – bash part 2

So – that wasn’t too difficult at all. It is apparently public though it isn’t yet clear how I might link to and/or share the blog. Again RTFM I hear – well I don’t I just thought it but I

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Having a bash at WordPress..

… and, you know, it feels like that is what I am doing. Bashing I mean – I am guessing that it isn’t as impenetrable as it looks and that, if I read the tutorial, I might have a better

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