Ripping DVDs for home use

It is a bit of a faff now – my new media room (or den as I prefer to call it) is minimal – almost Zen really. Compact audio system, kick ass speakers, Apple TV doing double duty as music and video server – oh and the TV too which hopefully will get upgraded before too long. The problem is – no room for a DVD player.

So far I have chosen the odd film I would want to watch and (bravely) one 27 episode TV series (The Adventures of Brisco County Jr Рfor those interested Рvintage but good). Tools of choice have been Handbrake and MDRP (Mac DVD Ripper Pro) Рthe former good for films the latter easier for processing multiple episodes. Handbrake is the faster software and the Mac Mini the faster processor (no real surprise there).  Metadata needs updating whichever toll used and, frankly, after 27 episodes it is a real faff.

Next step is to try creating a .iso file form a disc and seeing what else Handbrake can do for me (it isn’t really designed as a ripper) – more on this when I have progressed


Retired from a career (series of jobs) in IT latterly specialising in Software Testing. Almost archetypal Grumpy Old Man with the potential to be irritated by just about anything

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