Having a bash at WordPress..

… and, you know, it feels like that is what I am doing. Bashing I mean – I am guessing that it isn’t as impenetrable as it looks and that, if I read the tutorial, I might have a better chance of understanding what I am doing. But hey – I’m not a RTFM type, especially when it comes to things technical.

So – here I am, I have an account and between me and the Keychain on my Mac I have a known password. I even appear to have a blog title (ramblings – an inspired name I bet no-one has ever thought of before).

So far, so word processor the next bit is probably the more challenging – so looking round at the options I can save a draft – I did that just now and navigated away from the page and back again – all good. I don’t want to get carried away so perhaps amending the visibility and publishing it (the two options that make some sense) is the next step.

That said I will close this first entry and see where we go from here.


Retired from a career (series of jobs) in IT latterly specialising in Software Testing. Almost archetypal Grumpy Old Man with the potential to be irritated by just about anything

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