Warning! Return imminent!

It has been a while but – reasons OK – I’m thinking it is time again. It does mean getting familiar with the tool again and, as I am finding out now, avoiding the iPad until I work out why it is being a pain.

In the words of the Governator – I’ll be back

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Ripping DVDs for home use

It is a bit of a faff now – my new media room (or den as I prefer to call it) is minimal – almost Zen really. Compact audio system, kick ass speakers, Apple TV doing double duty as music and video server – oh and the TV too which hopefully will get upgraded before too long. The problem is – no room for a DVD player.

So far I have chosen the odd film I would want to watch and (bravely) one 27 episode TV series (The Adventures of Brisco County Jr – for those interested – vintage but good). Tools of choice have been Handbrake and MDRP (Mac DVD Ripper Pro) – the former good for films the latter easier for processing multiple episodes. Handbrake is the faster software and the Mac Mini the faster processor (no real surprise there). ┬áMetadata needs updating whichever toll used and, frankly, after 27 episodes it is a real faff.

Next step is to try creating a .iso file form a disc and seeing what else Handbrake can do for me (it isn’t really designed as a ripper) – more on this when I have progressed

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WordPress – bash part 2

So – that wasn’t too difficult at all. It is apparently public though it isn’t yet clear how I might link to and/or share the blog. Again RTFM I hear – well I don’t I just thought it but I will persevere for a little while linger. The look and feel need to be tarted up and that means tinkering with settings a little. I can see them in the bottom left of the screen – Appearance, Users, Tools, Settings – each of them tempting in their own way. Of course I can now save a draft and retrieve it so more on this in a little while.

Just a little addition relating to other devices – the WordPress iOS app works fine on the iPad and, after some strange login error, now looks ok on the iPhone – that said the latter is not really too useful – screen to cramped & busy. Quite possible to use the iPad though so blogging in transit should be well within reach. Back to the MacBook now for some tweaking of options.

OK – I have changed the theme to responsive – it seems to work well on various devices and the appearance is good BUT the edit post font is not good (looks a bit Times New Roman which is too Microsoft for me) . Probably time to tart up with some images – a banner perhaps, an avatar even. maybe some colour tweaks too. All in all not too difficult so far so entry 2 will be published – sincerely hoping I can delete these posts! – anyway I have just spotted the categories section that will start to make a difference.

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Having a bash at WordPress..

… and, you know, it feels like that is what I am doing. Bashing I mean – I am guessing that it isn’t as impenetrable as it looks and that, if I read the tutorial, I might have a better chance of understanding what I am doing. But hey – I’m not a RTFM type, especially when it comes to things technical.

So – here I am, I have an account and between me and the Keychain on my Mac I have a known password. I even appear to have a blog title (ramblings – an inspired name I bet no-one has ever thought of before).

So far, so word processor the next bit is probably the more challenging – so looking round at the options I can save a draft – I did that just now and navigated away from the page and back again – all good. I don’t want to get carried away so perhaps amending the visibility and publishing it (the two options that make some sense) is the next step.

That said I will close this first entry and see where we go from here.

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