Really rambling

I keep thinking about this but somehow don’t get round to it. The fact is that, after 4 years of walking, I have reached some conclusions. Maybe I will – why walk, why me?

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Still thinking about a return/restart

There are things I want to write about, Hell I just want to write, but life does get in the way doesn’t it? So – given that walking is my new(ish) thing that seems like a place to start.

Since June 2016 I have been walking. Not just up and down North Berwick High Street or from one end of our bungalow to the other but seriously walking. I’ve learned a lot in that time about walking for sure but also about myself. I’d like to share some of it with a wider audience along with other stuff.

Please note I am unlikely to dip my toes in any political stuff – not that I’ve lost the taste (or anger, or disappointment). No – it is more the slavering swivel-eyed loons out there who pounce on anything they disagree with AND, to be honest, the realisation that I might be one of them in other people’s eyes.

Once again I must get familiar with the tool (WordPress) if only to protect myself against trolls. Who knows – it might happen this time đŸ˜‰

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Warning! Return imminent!

It has been a while but – reasons OK – I’m thinking it is time again. It does mean getting familiar with the tool again and, as I am finding out now, avoiding the iPad until I work out why it is being a pain.

In the words of the Governator – I’ll be back

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Ripping DVDs for home use

It is a bit of a faff now – my new media room (or den as I prefer to call it) is minimal – almost Zen really. Compact audio system, kick ass speakers, Apple TV doing double duty as music and video server – oh and the TV too which hopefully will get upgraded before too long. The problem is – no room for a DVD player.

So far I have chosen the odd film I would want to watch and (bravely) one 27 episode TV series (The Adventures of Brisco County Jr – for those interested – vintage but good). Tools of choice have been Handbrake and MDRP (Mac DVD Ripper Pro) – the former good for films the latter easier for processing multiple episodes. Handbrake is the faster software and the Mac Mini the faster processor (no real surprise there).  Metadata needs updating whichever toll used and, frankly, after 27 episodes it is a real faff.

Next step is to try creating a .iso file form a disc and seeing what else Handbrake can do for me (it isn’t really designed as a ripper) – more on this when I have progressed

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WordPress – bash part 2

So – that wasn’t too difficult at all. It is apparently public though it isn’t yet clear how I might link to and/or share the blog. Again RTFM I hear – well I don’t I just thought it but I will persevere for a little while linger. The look and feel need to be tarted up and that means tinkering with settings a little. I can see them in the bottom left of the screen – Appearance, Users, Tools, Settings – each of them tempting in their own way. Of course I can now save a draft and retrieve it so more on this in a little while.

Just a little addition relating to other devices – the WordPress iOS app works fine on the iPad and, after some strange login error, now looks ok on the iPhone – that said the latter is not really too useful – screen to cramped & busy. Quite possible to use the iPad though so blogging in transit should be well within reach. Back to the MacBook now for some tweaking of options.

OK – I have changed the theme to responsive – it seems to work well on various devices and the appearance is good BUT the edit post font is not good (looks a bit Times New Roman which is too Microsoft for me) . Probably time to tart up with some images – a banner perhaps, an avatar even. maybe some colour tweaks too. All in all not too difficult so far so entry 2 will be published – sincerely hoping I can delete these posts! – anyway I have just spotted the categories section that will start to make a difference.

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Having a bash at WordPress..

… and, you know, it feels like that is what I am doing. Bashing I mean – I am guessing that it isn’t as impenetrable as it looks and that, if I read the tutorial, I might have a better chance of understanding what I am doing. But hey – I’m not a RTFM type, especially when it comes to things technical.

So – here I am, I have an account and between me and the Keychain on my Mac I have a known password. I even appear to have a blog title (ramblings – an inspired name I bet no-one has ever thought of before).

So far, so word processor the next bit is probably the more challenging – so looking round at the options I can save a draft – I did that just now and navigated away from the page and back again – all good. I don’t want to get carried away so perhaps amending the visibility and publishing it (the two options that make some sense) is the next step.

That said I will close this first entry and see where we go from here.

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